Universitat Pompeu Fabra


Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) was established as a public university in 1990 in the city of Barcelona. Committed from its beginnings to the pursuit of excellence, it holds 22 undergraduate programs, 91 master courses and 9 doctoral degrees in the fields of biomedical sciences, social sciences and humanities and communication and information technologies.

Despite its short history, and the reduced size in comparison with the other Spanish Universities, UPF is at the forefront of research as an internationally recognized contributor to state-of-the-art in several of its areas of interest and its translation into academic degrees. This strong focus on excellence has led UPF to consistently rank among top five Spanish Universities in terms of both scientific productivity and academic efficiency.

The Campus de la Comunicacio groups on a single site the Escola Superior Politecnica, delivering degrees in Computer Science and Telematics, the Interdisciplinary Institute of Applied Linguistics, the Department of Audiovisual Communication, the Dep. of Translation and Science Languages and the Dep. of Information and Communication Technologies which, combined with a high concentration of companies, other universities, technology centres and public administrations generates an outstanding area for the conception and implementation of RTD projects.

The Department of Translation and Language Studies (UPF) has a long experience in researching audiovisual translation for television, cinema, and lately internet and DVD. We have already cooperated nationally and internationally in audiovisual translation research, as well as tuition in graduate and postgraduate programs. Our intention is to participate in the project by producing experimental studies and methodological and theoretical frameworks.


UPF has undertaken the overall coordination of the project and leads the task of establishing the conceptual framework and pedagogical methodology. More specifically, UPF is responsible for:

- the overall project management/ coordination (as described in work package 1) including the implementation of the quality management and evaluation plan (which is carried out by the University of Deusto), reporting to the EACEA, etc.

- the development of the project’s conceptual framework and the pedagogical methodology as described in work package 2;

- the development of 30 activities for Spanish, English and Greek as foreign languages (work package 4);

- the pilot use of the web platform and the activities by learners (work package 5);

- providing the consortium with know-how and content in the domain of Audiovisual Translation and Language Learning;

- dissemination and exploitation activities at national and European level according to the respective plans (work package 7 and 8).

The operational management of the project is carried out by the Department of Translation and Language Studies, whereas the Research Service is responsible for the financial management. The Research Service provides administrative support and monitors expenses made so that they conform to the requirements of the funding programme. The service deposits grant payments to the partner institutions and facilitates the preparation of the financial reports to be submitted to the Agencies.

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