Prof. Patrick Zabalbeascoa

Patrick Zabalbeascoa is a Principal Lecturer in Translation Studies at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Spain. He lectures in translation theory, didactics of translation, and audiovisual screen translation, mostly from English into Spanish and Catalan. His research is almost entirely focused on translation studies, with special attention to the translation of audiovisual texts for the television and the cinema. He also has numerous publications in translation theory, an area in which he has developed a model of priorities and restrictions, and proposed alternative approaches to traditional views on so-called translation techniques, or shifts. Some of his most recent thinking and publications have to with developing the idea of ‘mapping’ translation solutions through a system of binary branching, and also ‘mapping’ audiovisual text components on coordinates defined by an audio/visual axis, and a verbal / non-verbal axis.
He is a teacher trainer specialised in courses for secondary education teachers of English as a foreign language (1995-present).
He has worked on several EC funded projects and Thematic Networks.
He is co-director of a Postgraduate Diploma (UPF-IDEC) in Audiovisual Translation.
He is co-director of a Masters Degree (UPF-IDEC) in Audiovisual and Literary Translation.
Relevant publications:
- Zabalbeascoa, P. 2010. “A Map and a Compass for Navigating through Translation”. Micaela Muñoz Calvo, María del Carmen Buesa Gómez (eds.) Translation and Cultural Identity: Selected Essays on Translation and Cross-cultural Communication. Cambridge Scholars. pgs. 83-106. ISBN 978-1-4438-1989-3
- Zabalbeascoa, P. 2008. “The Nature of the Audiovisual Text”. Jorge Diaz Cintas (ed.). The Didactics of Audiovisual Translation. John Benjamins. pgs. 21-38. ISBN: 9789027216861.