ClipFlair aims to counter the factors that discourage Foreign Language Learning (FLL) by providing a motivating, easily accessible application for foreign-language learning through revoicing (including dubbing, audio description, karaoke singing and reciting) and captioning (including subtitling, and video annotations).

According to the evaluation report for LeViS, learners did not only consolidate and improve their linguistic skills, they were also very enthusiastic because of the innovative nature of the subtitling activities.

ClipFlair aims to build on the success of LeViS by:

» expanding the ways to interact with video-clips and offering ready-to-use revoicing activities;

» promoting an ever growing library of activities;

» establishing a community of authors.



ClipFlair’s objectives are to:

» establish a methodological framework for FLL through the interaction of text (written and spoken), image (still or moving) and sound;

» develop educational materials for FL learning by covering the four skills (reading, listening , writing and speaking) and reinforcing cultural awareness. These materials include: (a) a web platform containing the user interface in 15 languages, (b) the library of resources (audiovisual files or clips), i.e. audiovisuals with activities for all CEFR levels of the target languages, accompanied by (c) corresponding lesson plans as well as (d) metadata and (e) guidelines for activity creation and evaluation criteria. Instructors will have the option to create their own activities or use the ones already implemented;

» create a web community, with the use of appropriate web 2.0 tools that will give learners and instructors the opportunity to cooperate with other users and provide their own input to the process. The social-networking aspect will be the prevailing key factor;

» disseminate and exploit the project products.

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