The project’s main outputs include:

» A web platform through which the users will be able to create, upload and access the revoicing and captioning activities. It will also support social-networking, offering Web 2.0 features (blogs, wikis, tags) that will enable users to share their work, form groups, cooperate, interact and rate activities

» A library of resources containing over 300 activities for all CEFR levels of the 15 languages targeted, accompanied by corresponding lesson plans and relevant metadata

» Guidelines for activity creation and evaluation criteria

» An online community of over 1.500 learners, teachers and activity authors

The versatility of the platform (online access, minimal software installation, launching from the web, no demand for advanced computer skills) along with its flexibility (in-class, distance or self-learning) and the highly motivating type of activity (interaction between text and video) are expected to reach a wide audience beyond the project target groups (university, adult and secondary education teachers and learners). The social networking orientation of the application, given the example of other popular social networking sites, will act as a powerful promotional element.

Final Report – September 2014

Evaluation Report – July 2014

Conceptual Framework

Language Learning Activities in 15 Languages

System Specification and Design

Final version of the Platform

Pilot Use

Promotional Leaflet and Poster


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