Foreign Language Learning through Interactive Captioning and Revoicing of Clips


Using audiovisual material in the foreign language classroom is a common resource for teachers since it introduces variety, provides exposure to nonverbal cultural elements and, most importantly, presents linguistic and cultural aspects of communication in their context. However, teachers using this resource face the difficulty of finding active tasks that would engage learners and discourage passive viewing.

One way of working with AV material in a productive and motivating way is to ask learners to revoice (e.g. dub) or caption (e.g. subtitle) a video clip (film scene, documentary, news piece, animation, song etc).

ClipFlair will develop exercises and activities, framed in lesson plans, which will enable FL learners to practice all four skills: writing, speaking, listening and reading.

The innovative character of ClipFlair is twofold:
» it introduces revoicing as an activity for foreign language learning and
» the activities will be offered online through a social networking web platform.

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