ClipFlair at the LINQ conference

ClipFlair at the LINQ conference

If you’re in Rome on 16-17th May, do as the Romans and join us at the LINQ conference: Innovations and Quality in Lifelong Learning, Education and Training.


Here’s the project abstract for the conference:

Aim and objectives of the project:
To counter the factors that discourage Foreign Language Learning (FLL) by providing a motivating, easily accessible platform for FLL through revoicing (e.g. dubbing, audio description, karaoke singing, reciting) and captioning (e.g. subtitling, video annotations) of clips (e.g. film scenes, documentaries, news)

Main target groups of the project
Adult, secondary education and university FL teachers and learners.

How does the project contribute to learning innovations and learning quality?
The first online platform for FLL activities based on revoicing and captioning of clips. Users can easily replicate prototype activities by remixing contents: (clips, instructions, captions, recorded voice) for different levels and different languages.

What are the main outcomes of the project?
(a) An open-source web application for creating, using and storing activities in 15 languages, (b) a social networking area, (c) a library of resources (clips and activities), accompanied by (d) corresponding lesson plans as well as (e) metadata and (f) guidelines for activity creation and evaluation criteria. A community of of over 1.500 learners and teachers is targeted.

A short quote: What is most important for learning innovations & quality today?
Establishing sound selection criteria for all learning materials.

ClipFlair at the LINQ conferenceClipFlair at the LINQ conference