Universidade do Algarve


The University of Algarve was founded in 1979.Shortly after it merged with the Faro Polytechnic Institute. As a result the University is now composed of 3 Faculties and 4 Schools. The number of students adds up to nearly 10.000 while the staff amounts to some 650 and the non-teaching staff totals 455.
The main study areas are: Humanities, Languages, Heritage, Economics and other Social Sciences, Management, Tourism, Marine Sciences, Fisheries, Environment, Natural Science, Engineering and Education.
The University of Algarve carries out teaching and research in various domains and has taken part in numerous transnational partnerships and projects within and outside the European Union.


UALG’s role in the project is to develop educational material for foreign language learning. More precisely it will:
- contribute to the establishment of a theoretical framework for the use of captioning and revoicing using audiovisual material for foreign language learning;
- create 8 activities for various levels of the CEFR based on captioning and revoicing in both intralingual (same language) and interlingual (different languages) modes;
- undertake all required administrative tasks, e.g. provide the necessary information for the progress and final reports;
- provide feedback for the development of the web platform;
- utilise the produced material (beta version of the web platform and the activities) in actual educational environments, including face-to-face learning, self-learning, distance learning and provide a pilot use report.
- contribute to the evaluation of the materials produced
- disseminate and exploit the project products.
Operational responsibility will rest with Prof. Maria da Conceição Bravo, who will be leading the team within UALG. UALG has a Research Accounts Office with dedicated staff specifically assigned to overseeing the financial management of EU projects.

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