University of Warsaw

The Institute of Applied Linguistics is dedicated to creating the best specialists in the fields of translation and teaching foreign languages, as well as intercultural mediation. Students obtain excellent preparation in two of the five languages offered: English, French, German, Russian and Spanish. The practical study of foreign language is enriched with courses of general linguistics, communication theory, and the structure and culture of language.
An indication of the Institute’s excellence is proven by its participation in the Consortium of the 500 best interpreting schools in Europe, initiating the “European Masters in Conference Interpreting.” In cooperation with the fourteen Consortium members, the European Commission and the European Parliament, the goal of the Institute of Applied Linguistics is to educate conference interpreters for the European market.


UW’s role in the project is to develop educational material for foreign language learning. More precisely it will:
- contribute to the establishment the conceptual framework and the pedagogical methodology (as described in work package 2) for the use of revoicing and captioning using audiovisual material for foreign language learning;
- develop 33 activities for Polish and English and for various levels of the CEFR based on revoicing and captioning in both intralingual (same language) and interlingual (different languages) modes;
- undertake all required administrative tasks, e.g. provide the necessary information for the progress and final reports;
- provide feedback for the development of the web platform;
- utilise the produced material (beta version of the web platform and the activities) in actual educational environments, including face-to-face learning, self-learning, distance learning and provide a pilot use report.
- contribute to the evaluation of the materials produced
- disseminate and exploit the project products
Operational management is undertaken by the team. Financial management will be provided by the administrative staff of the institution.

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