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The School of Languages, Literatures & Cultures was recently established within the College of Arts at NUI Galway and consists of the disciplines of Classics, French, Gaeilge, German, Italian and Spanish. However, the individual disciplines have a long commitment to the promotion of innovative research and practice in Translation, language Teaching and Learning at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, as well as strong and active ties with the wider community. The school has 40 full-time academic staff and over 1700 undergraduate and postgraduate students and offers a wide range of programmes, including a number of interdisciplinary courses, like the MA in Translation Studies and the MA in Advanced Language Skills. Evening diploma course aimed at a diverse audience have also been offered successfully for many years. Acadamh na hOllscolaíochta Gaeilge provides undergraduate and postgraduate courses through the medium of Irish in the areas of Translation studies, Media Studies, Language Planning, Education, IT and Business Administration, whilst Aonad na Gaeilge Feidhmí deals specifically with language learning and teaching. The School of Languages, Literatures & Cultures was awarded a number of European Language Labels for innovative courses and material and has recently organised the First International Conference on Translation, Technology and Autonomy in language Learning and Teaching.


NUI will be the lead partner in work package 4 “Development of activities” and will:
- contribute to the establishment of the conceptual framework and the pedagogical methodology (as described in work package 2) for the use of revoicing and captioning using audiovisual material for foreign language learning;
- organise the third project meeting
- develop 22 activities for Irish and English at various levels of the CEFR based on revoicing and captioning in both intralingual (same language) and interlingual (different languages) modes;
- undertake all required administrative tasks, e.g. provide the necessary information for the progress and final reports;
- provide feedback for the development of the web platform as described in work package 3;
- utilise the produced material (beta version of the web platform and the activities) in actual educational environments, including face-to-face learning, self-learning, distance learning and provide a pilot use report;
- contribute to the evaluation of the materials produced;
- disseminate and exploit the project products

The NUI team will guide and involve target groups from secondary and adult education. NUI has contacted and received approval of collaboration from the following Associate Partners:
Elementary School: Gaelscoil Mhic Amhlaigh
Number of teachers involved: 2
Number of students involved: 56
Contact person: Ms Dairíona Nic an Iomaire (school principal)
Languages: Irish and English

Umbrella group: Post Primary languages Initiative (
This initiative aims to support and expand FL teaching in secondary schools in Ireland, to diversify so that a wider choice of languages would be available to students; to enhance by strengthening the position of these languages and offering support to teachers in the form of materials and in-service. The organization has a multiplier capacity through their established contacts with schools, training, website and social networking.
Number of people involved: 2
Number of members of target audience: 100
Contact person, Ms Karen Ruddock (national co-ordinator)

Umbrella group: Cogg (
Cogg works with primary and post-primary schools. Their Mission Statement includes fulfilling at high standards the teaching of Irish in all schools.
Number of people involved: 2
Number of members of target audience: 100
Contact person, Pól Ó Cainin

Operational responsibility will rest with Dr Laura Incalcaterra McLoughlin, who will be leading the team within NUI Galway.
The National University of Ireland Galway has a Research Accounts Office with dedicated staff specifically assigned to overseeing the financial management of EU projects.

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