Computer Technology Institute

The CTI, founded in 1985, is an administratively independent institution supervised by the Greek Ministry of Education. Its mission is to conduct basic and applied research in computer software and hardware and provide services ranging from consulting to developing software products particularly for the Hellenic Ministry of Education and at a broader scale for the public sector. CTI has a longstanding expertise and interests in educational technology, design and development of educational software and educational activities, teacher training in ICT, distance learning techniques and practices, design & development of complex information systems and web-based applications.
The CTI contributed to the technological developments that have occurred in Greece in many different ways and at different levels, by:
- promoting the scientific development and maturity of the field from its very early stages.
- organising over 20 world class scientific conferences, some traditionally held in the US, came to Europe for the first time, and specifically to Greece thanks to the high level of its scientific researchers (e.g. STOC, ICALP, SPAA, IPDPS, etc).
- cooperating with the foremost scientists and organizations in Europe and its researchers sit on executive committees for the formulation of EU programs (e-Learning, e-Europe, etc.), in meetings with high level executives of the European Commission acquiring an in-depth knowledge and understanding of EU priorities and strategy.
- encouraging its scientific personnel to publish high level scientific work.
- training and attracting high level scientific personnel (20% are professors, 40% have postgraduate degrees, 95% have a university degree)
- producing a corpus of scientific bibliography by instigating the writing and publishing of scientific books in its fields of interest
- carrying out basic and applied research through its participation in many projects.
- becoming the advisor of the Greek State on Technology and ICT Issues for Ministries and Organisations
- training in its classes, its laboratories and in its views on the utilization of ICTs, hundreds of new scientists, students, interns and technicians, acting as the transmission belt for the spread of new technologies.

CTI’s Educational Technology Sector has undertaken, several national large-scale and EC-funded pilot projects, as well as application and evaluation studies, concerning the exploitation of innovative technological and pedagogical approaches in the educational process.


CTI leads the web platform development (work package 3) and the exploitation activities (work package 8). The team is responsible for:
- organizing the kick-off meeting in Patra, and providing all the necessary information and financial reports to the coordinator as described in work package 1.
- assisting at the development of the conceptual framework, specifically by defining the educational specifications of the web platform, as described in work package 2.
- the design, development and maintenance of the project web platform as described in work package 3.
- providing the consortium with know-how and content in the domain of ICT in Education and technological issues;
- dissemination and exploitation activities at national and European level according to the project plans described in work package 7 and 8.
- mobilising school teachers-collaborators of CTI and informing them about the project products and their use.
The project is operationally managed by the Educational Technology Sector team and financially managed by the Division of Administrative and Financial Services.

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