Cristina Felea

Cristina Felea, Ph.D. is a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Letters of Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. As a member of the Department for Foreign Languages for Specific Purposes (since 1995), she has a broad experience in curriculum and material building, methodology development and teaching English for (Specific) Academic Purposes to undergraduate students in social sciences. Her current didactic and research interest focus on integrating Web 2.0 technology in teaching and in building a blended learning environment for full time and distance learning students. With an academic formation in British/ American literature, she is also a licensed translator, having translated some major American authors (Henry Miller, Peter Beagle, Jack Kerouac) for important Romanian publishing houses.

As an authorised translator she has expertise in specialised translation where she works as a freelancer.

She has worked on several national and EC-Funded projects.

Relevant publications:

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